Thanks to a collaborative effort supported in part by the Geriatric Education for Specialty Residents grant program of the American Geriatrics Society and the John A. Hartford Foundation, otolaryngology residents at UAMS are receiving training that prepares them to care for older adults.


  • To provide education and care for the geriatric patient with ENT problems
  • Provide residents with the knowledge and skills needed to address the ENT issues of the geriatric patient
  • To further research of ENT problems in the geriatric population


These following methods will be utilized:

  • Awareness — Realization of the older patient’s health problems
  • Education — Lectures, readings, clinical exposure and medical management
  • Collaboration — Multidisciplinary care involving other specialists trained in geriatric medicine
  • Research


  • Lectures
  • Interdepartmental
  • Multi-specialty
  • Multi-specialty
  • Self-directed programs
  • Reading materials
  • Clinicals

Expand our educational program by promoting and integrating geriatric medicine into the practice of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery to meet the healthcare needs of our aging population.